Rollester Extreme Pressure Grease EP Grease

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Extreme Pressure Grease is mineral oil based, lithium soap thickened grease with extreme pressure additives. This grease provides good lubrication in general applications subjected to harsh conditions and vibrations.

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EP 1 and EP 2 greases are multi-purpose lubricants are suitable for use in high pressure greasing equipment. Their pumpability ensures regular and easy flow through the fine bore pipes used in automatic systems. EP 2 may be used as a general industrial and automotive lubricant. EP 0 grease will provide for an efficient level of pumpability in small bore systems, which means that even when the point of application is remote from the motive source there will be no significant pressure differential to overcome.


Excellent mechanical stability

Excellent extreme pressure ability

Contain anti-rust additives to protect against corrosion.

Antioxidants included to prolong product life.


EP GREASES are high specification, general purpose greases suitable for many industrial and automotive applications like pulp and paper making machines, jaw crushers, traction motors for rail vehicles, dam gates, work roll bearings in steel industry, crane wheels, sheaves, slewing bearings.


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