During the use of lubricating oil, some carbon particles and smoke generated by fuel combustion will enter it, as well as some dust from the air. In addition, some acidic substances generated by the high-temperature oxidation of the lubricating oil itself will generate carbon deposits and sludge to block the lubricating oil circuit, causing mechanical lubrication failure. The ability to suppress carbon deposition and oil sludge depends on the quality and proportion of the detergent dispersant in the lubricating oil.
The cleanliness and dispersibility of lubricating oil is one of the important indicators of lubricating oil. It can clean the carbon deposits and other pollutants inside the engine and evenly distribute them in the oil, inhibiting and reducing the generation of deposits, making the engine clean inside. In addition, the detergent dispersant can also neutralize acidic substances in the oil. The functions of detergent dispersants can be summarized as washing, dispersing, solubilizing, and neutralizing.
Diesel engine oil, with its unique core technology of energy accumulation and strong protection factor, endows the product with three core functions of “super wear resistance, clean corrosion prevention, and high and low temperature protection”. It can effectively maintain the internal cleanliness of the engine, making the oil pressure of high-power diesel engines more stable, power more powerful, and emissions more environmentally friendly.

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Post time: Nov-03-2023