Aluminium Complex Grease.It contains aluminium stearate as a thickener and solid lubricant particles of fine graphite. The lubricant is free from bitumen, heavy metals, solvents and raw materials containing chlorine, and allows to subject the friction points to well-defined wear. Aluminium Complex Grease reduces surface roughness and improves the tooth flank quality which makes it also suitable for corrective lubrication if tooth flanks are damaged. Excellent water resistance and oxidation stability make it suitable for marine use.

marine use grease


● Stability when exposed to high temperatures
● Ability to withstand heavy loads.
● Capacity to absorb heavy shock loads
● Adhesiveness
● Oxidation stability, anti-rust, and anti-corrosion properties
● Ideal to be used i wet and damp environments
● Easily applicable at low temperatures

Product Parameter





Soap Type

Aluminium Complex

Drop Point, ˚C


Worked Cone Penetration, 0.1mm

265 to 295

Timken OK Load Lbs.

60 Lbs

Water Washout


Colors and specifications can be Customized

PETROKING PETROLEUM HEBEI CO., LTD Based on our own factory established in 1988. We have 32 years’ grease production experience and 10 years of the experience working with more than 40 countries in Asia, Africa, European and America industry market. We are access to Tianjin port. Also the railway and air transportation are very convenient, which can insure the time for delivery.

We specialize in manufacturing Multipurpose Lithium Base Grease, High Temperature Grease,Extreme Pressure Grease, Lithium Complex Grease, Aluminium Complex Grease, Graphite Grease, Anhydrous Calcium Grease, Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Hydraulic Oil etc.

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