The structure of grease determines that it has different characteristics from liquid lubricating oil, including rheological properties (non-Newtonian edge contact)
Mainly manifested in:
1. When not subjected to external forces, it maintains a certain shape and does not automatically lose its shape. It undergoes elastic deformation under weak external forces, and after removing the external force, it returns to its original position and shape.

2. The external force increases enough to cause the grease to deform and flow without restoring its original position and shape.

3. During the flow process, the viscosity of the system decreases with the increase of shear stress, leading to the formation of fluid lubrication. In environments subjected to high shear stress, the flowability of lubricating grease is similar to that of an ideal liquid, with similar viscosity maintained at a constant value. When shear stops, the viscosity of lubricating grease is restored.

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multipurpose lithium base grease

Post time: Dec-26-2023