First,  types and grades of automobile grease can be divided into soap-based grease and non-soap-based grease according to their composition.

Soap-based grease is commonly used in automobiles, mainly including calcium based grease (common name “butter”), sodium based grease, automotive general lithium grease and so on.

Calcium base grease common named “butter”, its main characteristics are good water resistance,  suitable for wet environment and not high friction parts of the role of lubrication.

Sodium-based greases are characterized by high temperature resistance, but are very not resistant to water, and therefore cannot be used for wet and easy contact with water friction parts.

Lithium grease has excellent water resistance, mechanical stability, extreme pressure resistance, water resistance and oxidation stability. Lithium grease can play its excellent lubrication performance under extremely bad operating conditions.

Second, you should choose appropriate grease according to the requirements of different parts. Meanwhile, you should select appropriate grease according to its working conditions. Different greases can not be mixed with each other, which will affect the stability and performance of the grease.

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Post time: Apr-02-2022