Petroking High Quality Extreme Pressure Grease Lubricating Lithium Grease EP Grease

short description:

Petroking Extreme Pressure Grease is mineral oil based, lithium soap thickened grease with extreme pressure additives.

Product Detail

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This grease provides good lubrication in general applications subjected to harsh conditions and vibrations.

Excellent mechanical stability

Extremely good corrosion inhibiting properties

Excellent EP performance

Typical applications:

Pulp and paper making machines

Jaw crushers

Traction motors for rail vehicles

Dam gates

Work roll bearings in steel industry

Heavy machinery, vibrating screens

Crane wheels, sheaves

Slewing bearings

Technical data
NLGI consistency class 2
Thickener Lithium
Colour Light brown
Base oil type Mineral
Dropping point DIN ISO 2176 >195 °C (>383 °F)
Base oil viscosity:  
40 °C, mm²/s
100 °C, mm²/s
Penetration DIN ISO 2137:  

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