Anti wear hydraulic oil is mainly used in hydraulic systems of heavy-duty, medium pressure, high-pressure vane pumps, plunger pumps, and gear pumps.

Hydraulic systems for medium and high-pressure engineering machinery, imported equipment, and vehicles, such as CNC machine tools, tunnel boring machines, crawler cranes, coal mining machines, and other hydraulic systems.

The question of which anti wear hydraulic oil is better, 46#or 68#? Actually, it rather depends on which hydraulic oil is more suitable for equipment operating conditions.

Compared to 46 #, the viscosity of 68# is higher. The viscosity mainly depends on the operating temperature at the system and the type of pump used. Customers must refer to the recommended requirements. It is important to choose the appropriate viscosity. If the viscosity of hydraulic oil is too high, the energy loss of the hydraulic system will be large, the system efficiency will be low, and the oil pump suction will be difficult; If the viscosity is too low, the internal leakage of the oil pump will be large, and the volume loss will increase, which will also reduce the system efficiency.

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Post time: Sep-19-2023