Extreme pressure grease is based on multipurpose lithium base grease, adding extreme pressure agent in it. It can enhance the bearing capacity of the grease, which is suitable for lubrication of high-load and heavy-duty mechanical equipment.

Extreme pressure grease is made of highly refined mineral base oil thickened with 12-hydroxy lithium stearate soap, added with anti-oxidation, extreme pressure, anti-rust and other additives, and refined by special process.

Application range: suitable for lubrication of bearings and gears of medium and heavy load mechanical equipment.

Multipurpose lithium base grease is made by thickening refined mineral oil with fatty acid lithium soap and adding anti-oxidation, anti-rust and other additives, which can replace calcium-based and sodium-based lubricating grease.

Application range: It is suitable for the lubrication of rolling bearings and sliding bearings of general mechanical equipment and other friction parts.

As a reliable grease&oil factory, we supply multipurpose lithium base grease, high temperature grease, lithium complex grease, extreme pressure grease, moly grease, engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil and transmissonal oil, etc. 

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Post time: Jan-06-2023