The engine belt tensioner has abnormal noise due to lack of maintenance, and fails during driving. And the internal bearing is difficult to remove. At this time, the tensioner assembly can be removed as a whole, soaked in diesel oil, and dried. Heating the grease in a larger container, put the oil in it, and waiting for completely immersed. The installation can be emergency.

When the vehicle is being painted, it is difficult to cover it with stickers in a small area. It is a very good protection method to apply lightly with grease. In winter, the various parts of the chassis are subject to rain and snow, and the valve body and electrical plug are easily contaminated, and will frozen

Please pay attention to the cleaning and protection of the container after using the lubricating grease. The contaminated lubricating grease on the surface shall be scraped off and shall not be mixed. After the grease is dug out, the surface shall be scraped flat for storage.

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