The key features of  Calcium grease is its great water resistance, good corrosion protection, and great mechanical stability. However, this lubricant is best used at lower temperatures, as high temperatures may cause changes in its structure. Today, calcium grease and calcium complex grease are mainly used in marine, industrial, automotive, and agricultural applications. 


Lithium grease is a multipurpose grease known for its durability, high viscosity, and stability. Lithium and lithium complex greases are also characterised by their excellent lubrication, good water resistance, and the ability to withstand high pressure and shock loads. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including automotive, gardening, industrial, household, and demanding metal-to-metal applications.


Aluminium complex grease has many advantages – it can withstand extremely high temperatures, has impressive water-resisting properties, prevents rust, corrosion, and oxidation, and has good shear stability. Aluminium complex greases are best used in the food industry, but are also known to offer excellent results when used in the automotive, steel milling, construction, and farming industry.  


Polyurea grease has become very popular due to its amazing characteristics, such as outstanding water resistance, great oxidation stability, rust and corrosion prevention, durability, versatility, good mechanical stability, as well as high-temperature performance. Due to these features, polyurea grease is recommended for long-life applications and used across various industries. It is considered vital for the proper lubrication of steel plants and electric motors.

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lithium complex grease

lithium complex grease

Post time: Feb-06-2023