Lithium grease is used for lubrication in mechanical systems. The primary purpose of lithium-based lubricants is to reduce friction between moving parts resulting in increased efficiency and output of the system.

Grease also minimizes the wear of machine parts, increasing the life of components. Lithium grease accounts for more than 70% of the global grease market.

The automotive industry is one of the significant consumers of lithium grease. Rise of automation in industries is driving the growth of lithium greases market. What’s more, as raw material prices fluctuate,

manufacturers find it challenging to maintain the constant cost of lithium grease. 

The competitive scenario in the global lithium grease market is currently intensifying. The constantly changing prices of raw materials are adversely affecting the vendors.

However, new players can enter the market quickly as lithium grease caters to a high market share of oil worldwide.

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Post time: Jul-18-2022