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Our filling machine has been widely used in the packing and small packing enterprises of grease and grease industry in China.This series of products can be realized from the big drum (180L) to each capacity of medium/small bucket, pouch, can, bottle and other containers of automatic metering, filling.This series of products have single head, double head, and other models, can meet the different needs of users of all kinds of packaging requirements.

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1 quantitative range: 0.2-2L 2-18L 2 filling accuracy: ±0.5%
3. Filling capacity: >
12L/min (1 L barrel type split)
4. Air pressure: 0.4Mpa
5. Gas consumption: 0.6m3/min
6 Power model of conveying motor: Y160L-8/7.5KW
7. Dimensions; 2600*1800*2550 mm (double ends)
Net weight: 1200-1800 kg

This machine is a volumetric metering and packaging machine, which is composed of two parts: material conveying and filling. The two parts are connected as a whole by pipes.
This machine is a double-headed model, can be used for calcium base, base grease and paste and other semi-liquid material filling and filling.

1 Material conveying part:
The part is composed of a frame, a cylinder group, a lifting platform and a lifting auger.
Because of the poor fluidity of grease and other semi-liquid materials, screw auger conveying device is adopted.
When working, push a barrel full of materials 180 liters into the lifting platform. Two cylinders drive the working table to rise. At the same time, the auger rotates to transport materials in the barrel vertically upward and send them from the upper port to the filling part.

2 Filling part:
The filling part is composed of a frame, a measuring filling head and a starting controller.
The metering filling system is controlled by foot valve or hand-operated pull valve. The metering filling head is composed of volumetric metering cylinder and rotary valve.
The lower part of the piston of the metering cylinder is equipped with a dial to adjust the volume size, which can adjust the filling amount according to the need.
The dextral volume of the dial decreases and the left-handed volume increases.
At the beginning of filling, the bucket (bag) is aligned to the discharge port, so that it is close to the bottom of the bucket (bag). During filling, the material will discharge the air in the bucket (bag) from the surrounding of the filling nozzle by measuring the flow at the bottom. At the same time, the material (bag) will descend to complete filling.

3 Electrical system and pneumatic working principle:
The auger rotation of this machine is driven by a motor. There is an electrical control cabinet behind the fuselage and a thermal relay for overload protection of the motor.
The motor switch button is mounted on the front panel of the filling machine.
In addition to the above other parts are pneumatic control, the material conveying part of the air control cabinet in the front of the fuselage, the filling part of the air control system is installed in the filling machine frame.
The conveying part of the material can realize the action of lifting the barrel, stopping the barrel and dropping the barrel.
Conveying and filling are controlled separately, and the upper and lower barrels (bags) are operated by hand.
The compressed air from the gas supply station or air compressor enters the machine after filtration.
Compressed air enters the cylinder and logic element through the cut-off valve, cylinder separator, pressure regulating valve, oil mist device, reversing valve.
Pneumatic working process: the empty bucket (bag) is aligning the filling nozzle, the foot valve is started, the filling head starts to work, the bucket (bag) drops synchronously, the filling is finished, the bucket (bag) falls to the position, the measurement is returned to the original position and the material is inhaled.
Manually remove the bucket (bag) and then put the overhead bucket (bag) and then start the foot valve for the next working cycle.

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